Case Study — 5 Min Read

How to create effective Facebook lead ads: a step-by-step tutorial

Case Study — 5 Min Read

How to create effective Facebook lead ads: a step-by-step tutorial

Interested in different types of Facebooks ads? Keen to know more about Facebook lead ads? Look no further! Using our deep knowledge of Facebook ads campaigns, we created a tutorial which will help you find your way when using Facebook lead ads. Do read on and enjoy!

What are Facebook lead ads?

According to the recent statistics, Facebook has over 2.85 billion monthly active users around the world. It is THE SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL most people use every day, making it one of the best advertising platforms that ever existed.

Facebook lead ads were created to increase the online conversion of the ads campaigns on Facebook from mobile devices. They allow you to find people interested in your products or services and collect information about them. Within the campaign, you can create an instant form, which you can use to gather your prospect customers’ names, email addresses and phone numbers. Additionally, you can enrich your form with the custom questions, which may help you understand your potential clients and use that information to develop a better marketing strategy.

Why are Facebook lead ads so useful?

Facebook lead ads are very useful for many types of business, as they give you a possibility of finding potential customers, collecting information on them, and understanding their interests and behaviour, which leads to understating their decision-making processes. They are also great if you want to get people enrol in your classes or trainings.

One of our clients used Facebook lead ads to find customers keen to participate in a very particular type of training. Do read their story to see how useful Facebook lead ads proved to be for them:

Together with Growth Makers, we created a lead ads campaign to promote our training in public procurement law. The topic of the training was very difficult, yet thanks to the campaign we found nearly 100 people interested in it! For us, Facebook turned out to be a new, interesting channel for acquiring participants – a great alternative to the traditional methods we used.

Effective Facebook lead ads campaigns – points to remember

Facebook lead ads are so effective because they allow users to fill a lead form without being sent to a website or your online shop. They are easy to fill in and very user friendly. But to make them even more effective, it worth taking into consideration the below points:

  1. Remember to ask for contact details

Getting in touch with your leads is the ultimate goal of every campaign. And you cannot do so without having an email address or, even better, a phone number of each of your leads. So never forget to ask specifically for contact details, remembering that it’s always easier to call then to send an email. Emails can be deleted. A phone call is what works.

  1. Follow up quickly

In today’s world, people like to get what they want asap. And they forget quickly. So if you asked your leads to fill in a form and you don’t follow it up as soon as possible, chances are they will not be willing to speak to you later on, as they will simply not remember they expressed an interest in your offer. The conclusion: follow up as quickly as you can!

  1. Ask questions that you really need to ask

Make your forms as easy and understandable as possible and don’t ask too many questions. People use Facebook do to things quickly so they may become discouraged if your questions are too detailed and when they cannot submit their forms immediately.

  1. Take time to create your lookalike audience

Getting to the right people is the key to success, so take your time to create your lookalike audience that will be used by Facebook to approach new leads. Think about your current customers and your offer to establish who may be interested in your business and why.

How to set up a Facebook lead ads campaign?

Now that you know the most important things to remember when setting up your Facebook lead ads campaign, it’s time to kick start:

    1. Log in to Facebook and go to Ads Manager.
    2. Click on Lead generation and give your campaign a name.
    3. Choose which Facebook page you want to use for this campaign.
    4. Create your audience by adding your lookalike audience and selecting the audience location, gender, age and language they use. Here you can also decide whether to target people that already interacted with your profile.
    5. Select your ads placement – the exact place where your ads will appear.
    6. Set the budget and the schedule for your ads.
    7. Design and create your form using templates prepared for you by Facebook. Remember to use a relevant call to action and to personalise your thank you screen.

One of our clients says:

“How it all started? Together with Growth Makers, after a thorough analysis of our needs, we decided to run a lead ads campaign on Facebook. This sort of campaign is different from other forms of advertising as it allows you to create a contact form. Recipients interested in the offer can leave their contact details in an effortless and convenient way. The form can be easily modified: questions can be removed, or you can add new ones. It is a very dynamic tool that simply worked for us!”

Aneta Płocharczyk

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