Case Study — 5 Min Read

How to execute a successful lead generation campaign for B2B?

Case Study — 5 Min Read

How to execute a successful lead generation campaign for B2B?

Does getting leads sound to you like a complicated affair? Are you wondering whether there are any methods of doing it quickly and effectively?


Believe us, you are not alone! Convincing people to hand you their contact details for marketing purposes is one of the trickiest things for most businesses. Just think how many times a day you’re asked for your email address or phone number, and how many times you actually decide to give them away.


Good news is there are some methods of doing it effectively. Keen to know more? Read our article – we’ve been doing it for years and want to share some tips with you!

What is a sales lead generation process?


Let’s start with some theory. A sales lead generation process means attracting and nurturing contacts until the point they are keen to buy things from you: you collect leads, cultivate them and then pass them on to the sales team, which convinces them to make a purchase. Sounds easy. But we all know that only high-quality leads actually convert into sales. And that high-quality leads don’t grow on trees.


How to execute a successful lead generation campaign for B2B


When you have high-quality leads, your sales team can be more effective – you save their time and increase the probability of making business. No wonder increasing the quality of leads is the top priority for a vast majority of B2B, according to B2B Technology Marketing Community. Do have a look at the points below to see what you should do to create an effective lead generation campaign for your business.


  1. Decide on your objective.

Deciding on your objective is crucially important if you want your lead generation campaign to be successful. To do so, think about your target audience, why you want to reach it, the ways you want to reach it, things you want to convince them to do, how long do you want the campaign to last, and at which point you will decide whether your campaign was a success.


  1. Decide on the media you will use and on your content.

When thinking about your campaign, one of the most important things to consider is the form it will take: will it be an email campaign? Or maybe a set of posts on Facebook? Or maybe a combination of the two? No matter the channel, you need to think also of a high-quality content that will attract people’s attention.


  1. Prepare and promote your offer.

To attract leads and convince them to hand you their sensitive data, you may consider offering them “something”: a free code to participate in an online event, a free e-book, or a set of interesting newsletters. That attractive “something” will capture their attention and allow you to cultivate the relationship until the moment your leads are keen to do business with you. Make sure you promote your offer using different channels so that it gets to as many people as possible.


  1. Always do the follow-up.

Following up is the key in all marketing actions as it allows your name to be seen by your clients more often, which means they will be more likely to remember it and associate it with the high-quality offer you have. But to follow up effectively, you need to know how to do it, when to do it and what to tell your clients when you do it.


Other important things to consider when planning a successful lead generation campaign for B2B


When planning a successful lead generation campaign, think about different marketing tools you will need to use. Here are some of them:


  • Content marketing – remember that no matter what your offer is, the way you tell your clients about it really matters.
  • Website – your leads will most likely look up your website to decide whether they want to give you their contact details. To capture their attention, make sure your webpage looks attractive and professional.
  • Email campaigns – once you have your leads’ contact details, it is important to keep them interested in what you have to say. And emails are a great tool for doing it.
  • Ads campaigns and remarketing – an effective way of making yourself noticed and remembered is via remarketing and ads campaigns. Thanks to them the name of your company will be seen by more people!

Read a story by one of our clients who worked with us on their lead generation campaigns:

“The lead generation process is a tricky thing to do. How to persuade users to leave their private data for marketing and sales purposes? On the one hand, that data is considered to be one of the most valuable information that a company can obtain about a customer at the beginning of the sales path. On the other hand, users have become accustomed to lead magnets and often share their email addresses quite wastefully, which makes it difficult for companies to verify their quality. That is why, together with Growth Makers, we launched a lead magnet campaign with the aim of providing users with unique and attractive content, based on the company’s case studies. Together, we convinced the companies to agree to share their valuable information to inspire other companies to implement new HR strategies. The results? 1 000 casebook downloads in the first 2 weeks of the campaign!”

Łukasz Biedulski
Advisory Board

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