Case Study — 5 Min Read

More than 100% growth in numbers of tech-candidates for IT Companies

Case Study — 5 Min Read

More than 100% growth in numbers of tech-candidates for IT Companies

We understand the challenges our customers face within and across these industries. We provide practical, pragmatic and powerful solutions for addressing those challenges. These case studies present those solutions in action.


Our client is a global leader in professional solutions for IT, engineering and life sciences. The company delivers agile end-to-end solutions for tech-customers, including professional staffing and consulting, project services, managed services, customized solutions, and outsourcing projects. Part of the world’s leading HR solutions partners – 35,000 associates and consultants, serving more than 6,000 customers in 18 countries worldwide.


To build brand awareness of the employer brand in the eyes of experienced candidates from the IT industry (backend developers and DevOps engineers) and to encourage them to apply for job offers for implemented projects on the regular and the senior levels.

How the objectives were achieved?

First of all, we have prepared a comprehensive analysis of the competition, based on the activities of 29 entities from the IT industry. The result? The analysis conclusions allowed us to select recruitment portals where competition is active and to prepare an appropriate strategy of presence in these places.

We launched a press release about recruitment for our client, and we obtained publications, among others in the Puls Biznesu (the largest Polish business daily and one of the most opinion-forming media in Poland). The result? The candidate who was at the recruitment interview mentioned that he saw the information and it was the reason that encouraged him to meet face-to-face with the recruiter.

We reviewed the profiles of our client’s recruiters on the LinkedIn, which are often visited by IT candidates in order to verify the recruiter and the company. Then, we implemented the recommendations. The result? The entire IT recruitment team has professional profiles that are consistent with the company’s branding and technological character. The response rate for responses of recruiters had increased. The text included links redirecting to a dedicated landing page.

We created graphics and content up to 25 posts for IT-recruiters to show LinkedIn brand-new branding and job offers written in a technical language and based on the transparency that IT candidates value. The result? The recruiters systematically posted information regarding job offers. Over 20 perfectly matched IT candidates responded to their posts within 30 days.

We designed a dedicated landing page in place of an old website. The new one had current branding. We have maintained consistency in communication with the candidate and the client. The result? Apart from modern design, the website had engaging texts that generated a total of 19 spontaneous submissions.

We completed a social media campaign. Focusing on Facebook, we developed posts promoting job offers in closed discussion groups for IT. Thanks to the sense of humor and the knowledge of the target group, we built a commitment around the brand. Effect? Building employer’s awareness, who can joke in IT jargon. The obtained submissions for the DevOps Engineer position (a total of 5) provided an additional benefit.

Due to the ongoing re-branding process, we decided to work with job boards dedicated to IT. We undertook a selection, negotiation and cooperation process. In cooperation with the Recruitment Manager, we created technical Job offers showing that our client is a technological employer who knows the IT language. The result? We published 15 job offers on 3 websites for 2 months. Every day, we built the confidence of our client brand among active candidates from the IT industry in the technological context of the company.

Key Results

  • more than 3 placements In the first month of the campaign
  • more than 100% growth in numbers of resumes for one open position
  • 5% conversion rate between job offers views to the valuable resume